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GBE Alliance, LLC is a family's first step in securing guidance for the decisions regarding educational and behavioral support of their children when traditional ways are ineffective.  We are a new and innovative approach to addressing and targeting concerns with a team of certified professionals all of which specialize in autism spectrum disorders for  autism evaluations, ABA treatment, counseling, and occupational services.

Our center has been designed based on the needs of today's families to meet the most simplistic to the most complex need with complete online servicing options.  It is convenient, private, easily accessible, and effective in meeting your family's needs.  In today's world we are all so busy with our jobs, home chores, school events, and sports, that finding time for new evaluations and therapies can be a significant challenge.  Take back your life and let our team of professionals tailor a specific program for your child and family's needs.  With GBE Alliance, LLC, your child will not miss school and you will not miss another day of work.  Schedule all consultations and therapies at a time convenient for you. 

Often times, it takes several years of schooling before children's progress alerts parents that they have an additional need that their current placement isn't filling.  It is at this time that parents are typically left to make  critical decisions regarding next steps without an expert opinion or someone to talk to who understands completely -- leaving them to learn on their own through trial and sometimes error.  This wastes valuable time and energy.   Tapping into the services at GBE Alliance, LLC is a valuable investment as it can help save years of frustration for both parents and most importantly their children.  Whether you are at a crossroads of school transition or at the foundational stage of entering into a school system, time is of the essence and GBE Alliance, LLC, through the expertise of our team, we can introduce all the available options for support, resources, and educational settings that best fit each child's needs.  More importantly, we will arm your family with the critical knowledge of your child's true needs and develop a personalized plan to ensure academic and behavioral success.

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Tonia A. Ryan, Ph.D

Tonia has a Ph.D in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.   She has over 18 years of experience in the field of special education and specializes in autism spectrum and behavioral disorders at a global level, and in the school, clinical, and residential settings.  She has advanced knowledge and experience as a behavior analyst, program director of special education, and director of

assessment. She conducts ongoing ABA training and professional development seminars for teachers, administrators, therapists and families in the United States as well as Lebanon.  Tonia has an ongoing partnership with Consortium for Global Education (CGE), Lebanese Society of Educational and Social Development (LSESD), and the Center for Smart Kids with Learning Differences (SKILD). 

"I have been fortunate to have a wide range of experiences in the field of special education and work with such competent professionals and supportive families along the way.  My ongoing relationships with family members, clinicians, behavior analysts, and school professionals is the driving force for my vision and why I am confident this type of service ​is desperately needed. I have hand-selected each professional based on credentials, success in the field, heart and passion for empowering families, and a vision for this center that matches my own.  You can trust the professionals at GBE Alliance, LLC to give you and your family the guidance and support necessary for academic, behavioral, and emotional success. 

My experiences have guided the layout of this company, and my passion for the field will drive the success of empowering families and meeting each child's needs on an individual basis, anywhere in the world, one step at a time."

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